Form 6

Form 6 JimmyJane Powerful Vibrator | Twin Vibe Motors | Australia


JimmyJane Form 6 is the latest vibrator model from JimmyJane, featuring a series of improvements over the previous units. Design has been completely re-thought as to enable G Spot simulation and provide multiple uses for this subtle massager. A waterproof ability has been added as to enable users to utilize this unit even under the shower and to ensure long-term functionality. The vibrator comes with 2 usable ends which bring utmost pleasure when they are used properly. However, this is not all. The JimmyJane Form 6 holds a lot more under its hood, with main highlights being as follows:

Completely Travel-Ready

The design has been thought in such manner as to ensure maximum portability while not sacrificing usage pleasure by any means. If desired, users can choose to get this unit delivered along with a drawstring case. Standard delivery will always be made in a discreet logo-free box as to enforce user privacy. This vibrator can become a women’s best friend when used appropriately, as stated on the instructions, and it can also be taken wherever desired. It also comes with a convenient button-lock and a universal adapter.

Jimmyjan form6


Powerful Engine

A smart power sensor has been added into this model as to provide users with maximum control and multiple orgasms. The Form 6 is JimmyJane’s most powerful massager to date, featuring dual motors, 6 vibration modes and 5 power levels. These facilitate G Spot simulation for better and more powerful orgasms and also enable the user to choose desired stimulation level according to preference.

Smooth Body-Safe Design

The JimmyJane Form 6 is a medical-grade unit, which provides users an extra seal of quality. The phthalate-free premium silicone body has been thought in such manner as to provide a realistic and durable sensation to the users, mimicking the most out of a sexual act. When combined with the variable vibration intensity this makes from one of the most pleasurable units crafted to date, enabling women to get the best value for their money.

Cordless Recharging

This unit comes with a smart recharging pad which doesn’t make use of any kind of cords. As a result, users can benefit from private charging by hiding the vibrator in a closet or drawer during the charging period. Furthermore, thanks to high performance Li-Io battery anyone can get over 5 hours of functionality from a single charge. This makes the Form 6 one of the best-valued vibrators in its range.

Waterproof Functionality

The JimmyJane Form 6 can be used under water for as long as desired, thus enabling users to please themselves even when taking a bath or shower. Furthermore, this feature makes cleaning the unit much easier. The smooth silicone body can be simply submersed in water for couple seconds and then it will be as new

Form 6 JimmyJane


Award-Winning Model

This unit has received an IDEA award as well as an ID Magazine Design Award for its high-quality uni body and top functionality. As a result, users should have no doubt that they are opting for a quality model.

3-Year Limited Warranty

This model comes with a 3-year warranty for body, charger and features, which means that users can have peace of mind regarding long-term usage. The Form 6 has been thought as to provide tons of pleasure on the long run.

JimmyJane Form 6 is one of the best vibrators in its price range, guaranteeing users top functionality and high-level orgasms when used appropriately. It is also suitable for anal use, hence getting an edge over past models. And considering the 3-year warranty, anybody can shop without worries.