Evoke Du-o massage wheel

Evoke Du-o massage wheel

Jimmyjane Evoke Du-o massage wheel | Jimmyjane Vibrating Sex Toy

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What can be better than a massage wheel that removes tension, relaxes your muscles, and stimulates your intimate parts at the end of a hard working day? Evoke du-o is a massage wheel powered by a motor that generates rumbling vibrations to hit deep pressure points and relieve sexual tension. The surface of the wheel contains bumps and grooves to boost the stimulation and reach out to the deepest nerves for more pleasure. The device is highly maneuverable having an elongated handle that allows a convenient grip and helps you roll it easily across your sensitive spots. 

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The device is made of durable and health-friendly materials. The structure is made of stainless steel covered in a thick layer of silicone to render the vibrator flexibility and a smooth texture. The stainless steel body ensures that the device will not break under big pressures and powerful strokes you make while stimulating your intimate parts. The silicone provides a smooth touch and doubles the pleasure, while its anti-slip feature prevents any slipping of your hand from the handle while performing passionate thrusts against your sensitive places. Even if you get sweaty hands your grip will stay strong and allow deep rolling motions for reaching every nerve and invigorate your muscles. The elongated shape of the handle helps you grasp it with confidence and improve the maneuverability while trying to hit the hardest-to-reach tension points. 

The wheel is super versatile, ergonomic and maneuverable. It has a bumpy surface that boosts the pressure applied while rolling it across your body, hitting more sweet spots and nerves that results in you feeling an enhanced pleasure. The grooves and bumps also help improve the maneuverability, allowing you to roll and turn the device effortlessly. The rolling massage performed by the wheel helps you relax your muscles and reduce stress and sexual tension by caressing gently your sensitive spots. But if you want to awaken every nerve and remove totally your sexual tension, the rumbling vibration performed by the powerful motor is indispensable. The motor generates a high power that turns into thundering vibrations used to reach every pressure point and stimulate harder your intimate parts, leading to an unforgettable pleasure. 

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The motor does not always work at its peak, meaning that you are free to regulate the amount of power sent to the wheel. It has 3 vibration speeds allowing you to adjust the operation of the device according to your body needs and to your level of sexual arousal. In this way, if you long for tender vibrations against your sensitive spots that you barely feel, you switch the low-intensity mode. If the tension is higher, make the wheel tremble more aggressively by switching to the middle speed. But if you crave for a hardcore session of ground-shaking tremblings against your body to awake your nerves and reward your sweet spots with an insane stimulation, the highest-speed mode is what you need. 

The device has a two-button operation. To switch between vibration speeds you need just one button. Thus, you don’t waste time on trying to figure out which button to activate to get the speed your body really needs. The second button is designed to help you switch on and switch off the motor. The controls are at your fingertip, so you can always perform the action you need without making additional efforts. Evoke du-o is highly versatile and portable. You can enjoy yourself in a pleasurable solo session or organize a romantic play with your partner, or even take the device with you while travelling or partying to please your intimate places whenever you get sexually aroused. You can even enjoy an underwater thrill given the waterproof feature of the device. The access of water to the engine is strictly restricted by reliable seals. The vibrator runs on batteries but also has a USB port to help you recharge it from your computer or from any standard outlet.  


To sum it up, Evoke du-o Massage Wheel is a wonderful device that helps you get rid of muscular pain and sexual tension. Combining perfectly the bumpy wheel with rumbling vibrations, the device provides you a godly relaxation and an enjoyable stimulation of your sensitive parts hitting the hardest-to-reach sweet spots. The vibrator has a convenient handle and a non-slip silicone surface that makes the touch more sensual and pleasurable.

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