JimmyJane Form 4 Massager

JimmyJane Form 4 Massager

JimmyJane Form 4 a Bestseller | In Demand SexToys | Australia

Your first interaction with JimmyJane Form 4, will give you the urge to have more and more of it. The massage offered by Jimmy Jane Form 4 is relaxing and intense! This will relieve the tension and mixed feelings felt during your stressful day. The JimmyJane Form 4 is one of the most powerful vibrators around.

The vibrator’s design offers an efficient balance for power as well as flexing. Besides being strong, it has a pretty aesthetic, and above all features a sleek design, which is both inventive and attractive. Like a concerned partner, the Jimmy Jane vibrator guarantees you satisfaction because of its slow, medium to strong vibrations. The smaller part of the vibrator is about 1.5” in diameter and tapers in, expanding to 2” diameter on its biggest part, for the big “stick” lovers. Moreover, the vibrator is flexible, making it easier to position. Forget the weird vibrator interactions whereby you had to crookedly adjust your wrist to have your friend in place!

Coming from one of the most reliable sex toys manufacturers, JimmyJane Form 4 is body safe. Its velvety silicone finish is smooth and has little drag for friction, for the Rough Rider.

Jimmyjane Form 4 Vibrator

Nevertheless, for those who prefer a smoother ride, using a lubricant is an efficient way to ensure that you only enjoy great experiences while using JimmyJane Form 4. Its nearly invisible controls, as well as its smooth-steel magnetic charging ports, make the toy almost perfect. Nevertheless, unless you are aware of the positions of the controls and what they do, one may encounter challenges understanding how the little placed “+” and “–“signs function. The positive control sign is for increasing intense vibrations while the – sign reduces the squiggles.

Unlike other vibrators, Jimmy Jane Form 4 is waterproof. By waterproof, this does not imply being waterproof to a few, water splashes and water drops. Jimmy Jane Form 4 can be immersed in water, even during cleaning. One can use antibacterial liquid to ensure that it remains clean throughout hence remains safe for future use. For those who prefer a tinge of “dose” while, in the bathroom, this should be your ultimate sex toy tool. Moreover, it does not have any leaky adapter jack, hence more convenient to use while in the bathroom.

Another great advantage of the Jimmy Jane is the cordless charging base. The charging port is made up of two metal throngs, with small seams around the stainless steel circles. Charging the toy fully guarantees you maximum experiences and vibrations while using the toy.

The toy is a great masterpiece for couples who love trying new fun stuff. This is because it can be used by both the male and female. During oral sex, females can massage the toy over their breasts and simultaneously give equal pleasure to their partners by massaging it on their scrotum and anus. Because it comes with a three-year warranty, you are guaranteed that the toy is of high quality. For those carrying it away from town, the toy is conveniently portable, only that it does not have a special casing to carry. All the same, if you are looking for a convenient and fulfilling toy, JimmyJane Form 4 is the ultimate toy.

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