7 Popular Sexual Fantasies Every Couple Should Try

7 Popular Sexual Fantasies Every Couple Should Try

Sex is a very fluid thing. When it comes to having sex with your partner, it is only natural that when you’ve been doing the same thing for a long period, you become bored of it. You long for a new and exciting experience. Sexual fantasies are what can truly drive us to experiment with our partners in the bedroom. Many different kinds of popular sexual fantasies are very common among people. Believe it or not, all of them have their benefit to the relationship.

Keeping the flame alive is a very important part of being in a relationship. So what better ways to do so than by trying out new things? Today we will talk about the 7 most popular sexual fantasies that every couple out there should try. Whether they’re trying to spice up their sex life or not!

Popular Sexual Fantasies


We’re starting out this list with a threesome. Even though it is an absolutely incredible experience (often desired by most people), it does not mean that it is for everyone. Especially for those that are easily jealous or just don’t want to sexually share their partners with someone else!

With that said and, for those that are open-minded and don’t mind sharing, a threesome is a fantastic way to spice things up. Make sex with your partner feel fresh again.

By having a third element in the bedroom with you and your partner, you will experience things differently. Through the eyes of the third element as well, adding a whole new layer of discovery to the mix.


With the popularity of Fifty Shades Of Grey, it is only natural that bondage has become such a massive phenomenon, desired by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. The act of tying your partner up, putting them in a situation of submission, where they cannot move and, really, all they can do is to feel the touch and sensations that you inflict on them is incredibly erotic. Besides the obvious sex appeal of this experience, it also serves as a confidence and trust boost for the couple. By having your partner (or yourself) tied up, trust instantly comes into play because, at the end of the day, one has to trust that their partner won’t do anything that will fully hurt them or be painful to them (unless they’re into that, of course).

Overall, if you’re looking for a kind of sexual experience that will significantly boost the confidence and the trust that you have with your partner, all while benefiting from a new and exciting sexual experience that is both kinky and incredibly sexually satisfactory, bondage is definitely for you!


Roleplay might just be one of those very desired sexual experiences but one that most people think will be very awkward to actually get into. This is obviously directly tied to a lack of confidence and maybe even some shyness. The act of roleplay is all about…well…acting! It is about becoming someone else, taking on a role and going with it until both you and your partner erupt in a massive explosion of ecstasy!

Sure, it might feel a little bit awkward at first, but it is a great way to freshen things up in the bedroom because, by becoming someone else, you will instantly start feeling the restraints you had in your personal self fading away as you become your character! Roleplaying as a maid, police officer and doctor are just some of the most common kinds of roleplay however, the sky is the limit when it comes to this because, as long as you can imagine it, you can become it!

Public Sex

In a situation where none of the previously mentioned sexual fantasies is doing it for you and you truly think that the bedroom itself might be the problem, then perhaps it is time to try and have some amazing outdoor sex! Now, with this, we do not mean for you to go to the middle of a mall and plough your partner like they’ve never been railed before! With this, we mean having sex outdoors, still in an area where you probably won’t be found but where there’s still a tiny chance of that happening!

Public sex is a fantastic way to have sex because of the rush of excitement that comes over one’s body with the possible danger of being found out. Such a “rebellious act” makes you feel wild and out of boundaries and it can truly be a very freeing experience.

Switching Power

Society sees men as having to be the dominant ones and women as having to be extremely submissive however, in today’s day and age, that does not have to be the case. If both you and your partner are tired of fitting into society’s roles then switch power would be the best thing to do. Having the one that is usually dominant becoming submissive and vice versa, can be a very refreshing and new experience that might just end up being a favourite for the couple!

There are many additions that can be added here such as strap ons (for pegging) or even whips to show dominance but, most importantly, it is the confidence and how well you carry yourself through this experience.

Sex Tape

Sex tapes have been around since before the internet (and some celebrities even made this quite the popular activity) and for very good reason! Filming a sex tape with your partner instantly transports you to the world of porn movies, where a camera is watching and recording your every moves as you tremble, moan and explode in the steam of enticement.

Sure, it might be awkward to playback the video once the mood has died down and that is totally fine but, that should not keep you from experiencing the feeling that comes with knowing you’re being recorded while having sex.

Shower Sex

Last but not least is shower sex. A lot of couples want to try this out (mostly due to the romantic movies that make it seem perfect) but most tend to fall short when it comes to get down and dirty (or should we say clean?). Shower sex isn’t really the most comfortable. After all, the floor is wet which means you’ll probably slip and fall. It’s probably a bit too tight in there for comfort and the sexual positions require a lot of effort. But there are ways to make it a whole lot better!

By simply putting a bench or even chair in the shower when you go to have sex with your partner will help immensely in providing more support. So you don’t slip and fall and ease of access when bending over for your partner!

At the end of the day, there are many ways to spice up a relationship’s sex life

These are just some of the most popular ones that most couples want to try and definitely should! Why not go online any buy quality adult toys at an affordable price including vibrators, stimulators and so much more.

popular sexual fantasies
sexy woman on bed in lingerie

Tools and Tips for Women to Spice Up Their Sex Life

Sex lives of both men and women can become stale over time depending on circumstances. Why not use some tools and tips for women. Very often, one’s sexual nature evolves and changes over time. Meaning that to stay in one’s more excited state during the act, it’s important to keep things fresh, exciting and stimulating. Question, however, is what tools and tips are out there to make it happen.

Here are some of the best tools and tips specifically for women to spice things up in the bedroom.

Start with Sexy Clothing

Changing the way you look for sex can really create some new and exciting feelings between you and your partner. Simple ideas like sexy chemise sets for women, stunning lingerie. Even costumes can create an entirely new dimension to sex that you hadn’t even anticipated before.

When it comes to sexy clothing, the top keywords are revealing, shapely, lacey and scanty. They cover the right things, expose the right things and create a wild and sexy spark in your partner’s imagination about what to do with the rest!

Sex Toys

Next comes the realm of sex toys, one which many couples have already explored at length. Let’s not forget about JimmyJane sextoys. But you can get to that later. Toys come in all shapes and sizes, some designed specifically for women, some designed for couples to use in tandem. It’s easy to dismiss sex toys as too extreme because some people give them a bad reputation. But there’s no running from the fact that they can add depths of pleasure and stimulation that you never expected possible before.

If you feel your partner isn’t open to the idea of sex toys, discuss the idea first and show them some options that perhaps will change their opinion on sex toys being just for the more hardcore or fringe types of sexual contact.

Erotic Massage

An erotic massage is an incredible way for women in couples to find new ways to enjoy sexual contact. It can serve as an alternative to regular sex. Slowly and steadily bringing sexual feeling to a gradual crescendo. Giving much more time for a women to enjoy herself. Alternatively, it can be an exciting and stimulating prelude to the main event enjoyed by both parties.

Key to a good erotic massage is getting the right massage oil. Women should look up different products to find those specifically designed to stimulate sexual excitement. Don’t go down the generic massage oil route.

Role Play

Whether you’re the woman in a heterosexual couple, or one of the women in a same-sex couple, it never hurts to “become someone else” for a fun sexual experience. You might think role-playing is a bit cliche. But with the right details and a bit of imagination, it can reignite sexual passions that you thought were long dormant.

Very often one of the things that makes sex feel stale between a couple is the repetitive nature. If you take on the guise of an alternate female character, the fantasy. And imagined unknowns can reawaken that blissfully ignorant spark of erotic wonder that drew you to your partner in the first place.

Bring in Some Erotica

Women don’t tend to appreciate erotic film as much as men do. But one thing women can do to spice things up might be to surprise their male partner (or female partner, if they’re into it) by watching a sexy movie together.

Most men will be taken aback (in a good way) and it could really add something to your sex life.

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