Jimmyjane Ascend 4

Jimmyjane Ascend 4

Jimmyjane Ascend 4 Massager | Jimmyjane Dual Vibrating Sex Toys

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The charm of human body is that it has different desires every day. One day you may want a more tender stimulation of your sensitive spots, while other days you may crave for a huge portion of deep hardcore vibrations shaking your body insanely. If you want to have this opportunity of choosing whenever you want the type of stimulation for your body, you have to have a vibrator that can perform this double function. JimmyJane Ascend 4 is the right device for this. It is a vibrator with two tips on each pole and a neck in between them that grants you the unique chance to choose what you want. You get everything from this device, from: comfort, smooth insertion and superior enjoyment to high vibration speed, multiple operation modes and easy controls.

Jimmyjane Vibrator
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To begin with, the vibrator has a smart shape that expands the horizons for your body stimulation. It has two bulbous tips connected by a neck that provide two different levels of stimulation. The bigger tip delivers deep and powerful vibrations for a more concentrated stimulation, while the smaller tip is designed for a caressing massage of your sensitive spots. The device is powered by a dual motor that distributes the power to each tip depending on the size. The power can of course be regulated to ensure that the bigger bulb receives more, and the smaller bulb less. Also each tip has 3 vibration modes that you can switch to with a single push of the button. If you want something moderate and easy going you switch on the low-intensity mode, but if you feel that it is not enough to consider switching to the mid mode. In case you decide that today you will have a hardcore stimulation session, don’t forget to choose the high-intensity vibration mode to get the most luxurious pleasure ever.

The shape of the tips is insertion-friendly allowing for an effortless penetration, and favorable for hitting as many sensitive spots as possible, and expand the stimulation area for bringing you more pleasure. Additional pleasure is delivered by a smooth texture that makes the surface tender at touch but also prevents any skin irritation providing maximum comfort during insertion and the proper stimulation. The structure is sturdy enough to resist high pressures and swift motions during the stimulation of your intimate parts. The materials are highly durable ensuring hundreds of sessions without the risk of getting the device broken. Another advantage that is worth talking about is versatility. The vibrator offers limitless enjoyment options, alowing you to fulfill your body needs wherever and whenever you want. You can venture into a crazy solo play, or try something new with your partner. A simultaneous stimulation session will definitely revive the couple life. You can also take the vibrator on the go and enjoy yourself while travelling or in any other setting where your body starts suddenly getting hot. The device is super compact and portable and comes with a handy travel-lock setting.

Jimmyjane Massager

Another feature of JimmyJane Ascend 4 is that is waterproof. The body is perfectly sealed so that no water gets in contact with the engine, allowing you to play with the vibrator in the bathtub. The time you can use it in the water is limitless. Since it feels ok with water, the device can be washed and cleaned up before beginning to use it for more safety. Moreover, the vibrator has incredibly easy controls. To switch between vibration mode you just have to push one button. Thus you avoid spending a lot of time trying to figure out which button among many others to use. The device runs on lithium batteries that provide 2 hours of use from a single charge. The vibrator has a Bluetooth port that allows you to recharge it whenever you want.


To conclude, JimmyJane Ascend 4 is a high-performance versatile vibrator that offers limitless enjoyment via two bulbs of different size that deliver stimulation of different intensity to satisfy any body needs. The bulbs are smooth and rounded to allow for an easy going insertion and reach out to more sensitive spots, enhancing the pleasure. The 3 vibration modes help you regulate the vibration intensity and adjust the device to your sexual needs, ensuring that your desire is completely fulfilled.

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