JimmyJane Evoke Sol-O Massager

JimmyJane Evoke Sol-O Massager

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JimmyJane Evoke Sol-O Massager | Luxury Sex Toys Australia

The Evoke Sol-O massage wheel is an innovative new product that has the ability to help keep your relationship fresh, to add another element of love and compassion to your life, and to bring a feeling of relaxation and rejuvenation to your world-weary muscles. Even on your own it gives you the ability to treat your body with the love and care that it deserves, without the hassle or expense of seeing a professional therapist.  

When you come home from working all day and the only thing you want is for someone to massage your aching muscles, there is nothing better than your partner offering to help you out. However, if they aren’t sure what they are doing or how to reach those knotted areas, the entire experience can leave you feeling a bit frustrated. Your muscles still ache, but it would make you feel terrible to tell your partner that their loving massage was all but useless when it came to resolving the muscle tension in your body. 

Jimmyjane Evoke Sol O Vibrator

We all know that it isn’t their fault, but we secretly wish that they were just a little better with their hands. While our partner is likely aware that their best efforts fell short, making them feel down for not being able to help you. Because of situations like these, the Evoke Sol-O vibrating massage wheel was invented. 

The Evoke Sol-O massage wheel gives you the ability to relax your muscles all by yourself, allowing your partner to simply enjoy your time together without feeling the pressure to help you relax after a long day at work.  

The massage wheel works by combining a smooth, silicone wheel that is designed to roll across the surface of the skin, with a powerful vibration that helps to stimulate and increase blood flow. The versatile design makes it easy to reach even the most difficult areas of the body, bringing a stress-reducing feeling to each and every aching muscle. 

The Evoke Sol-O massage wheel aims to eliminate muscle pain and bring a new sense of relaxation to you and to your partner. While the name suggests a unique solo experience, there is nothing that prevents that Evoke Sol-O massage wheel from being used together. Laying comfortably on your bed while your partner gently runs the massage wheel over your body can create a wonderful sense of relaxation and a thrilling sensual atmosphere, which allows your partner to help you without needing years of massage training.  

Evoke Sol-O Massager

This experience together has the ability to help you reconnect to an easier time, when the pressures of everyday life didn’t have you running around after a hundred different deadlines, or trying to keep track of the slowly building list of chores. Instead, you are afforded a rare opportunity to step away from it all to simply enjoy your partner’s touch and your time together. 

For an even better massage experience the makers of the Evoke Sol-O massage wheel have included ten different vibration settings at the touch of a button. If one setting doesn’t seem to be hitting that deep muscle pain, you can try another with more intensity, or even just a different rhythm, helping the blood flow evenly through a painful area and returning oxygen to your weary muscles. 

The easy design of the handle, effective relief of the massage wheel, and versatility of the vibration settings is only matched by the Evoke Sol-O massage wheel’s ability to be used in water. Imagine the sheer pleasure of standing in the shower as hot water cascades down your back. Your partner gently washing your body clean of the day’s grime. Then, just as you are ready to return the favor, they pick up the massage wheel and set the vibration to your favorite setting.  

The thought alone is enough to bring a feeling of want and desire as you imagine the soft feeling of the smooth, silicone wheel being run across your back, your shoulders, and your chest as hot water runs freely down your body, easing the tension of work and eliminating any residual stress. There, in the shower with the person you love most, you are free to let go of everything that keeps you up at night, simply allowing the Evoke Sol-O massage wheel to act as a conduit of love between you and your partner.

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