JimmyJane Iconic Bullet

JimmyJane Iconic Bullet

JimmyJane Iconic Bullet | Jimmyjane Vibrating Silicone Bullet Vibrator

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Large vibrators offer a fulfilling stimulation but you cannot always take them on the go, due to their big size that doesn’t allow you keep them in secrecy. This is why, if you like enjoying yourself while travelling, you need a petite vibrator that is discreet and allows you stimulate your body wherever you go. JimmyJane Iconic Bullet is a small sized vibrator ready to travel with you anywhere and please your sweet spots in an unintimidating atmosphere. It has a motor that generates 3 vibration speeds to satisfy all your sexual needs. A sleek body and a carefully rounded tip will bring you an unforgettable clitoral stimulation session.

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The vibrator has a user-friendly design that aims to bring maximum comfort in use and generate maximum pleasure. The device is made of reliable and durable plastic that is irresistible to quick thrusts made in the heat of passion, and prevents the vibrator from breaking, ensuring that you will be able to use it hundreds of stimulation sessions in the future. The rounded shape of the tip makes insertion easy going and helps you reach out to more sensitive spots for more pleasure. The anti-slip surface prevents slippage that can compromise the stimulation process and make you lose the passion and sexual desire. The anti-slip body allows you take a firm grip of the device and run it confidently over the hot areas across your body. Since the device has a small size, a non-slip surface is crucial. You can grasp the vibrator with any grip you want. You can fit it in your fist for a deeper stimulation, without being afraid that your sweaty hands would slip off the device. You can even grasp the vibrator with the tips of your fingers, running it gently across your intimate parts for an enjoyable and tender massage.

The vibrator is super lightweight and compact. You can fit it effortlessly in your handbag and even in the pocket of your jeans and take it on the go for enjoying yourself in a discreet atmosphere whenever your sexual arousal reaches its peak. JimmyJane Iconic Bullet offers a multitude of options for your body enjoyment. Its limitless versatility allows you enjoy yourself in a solo session at home or have a romantic couple play with your beloved person, or have an underwater thrill in your bathtub, or take the device on the go and stimulate your sensitive spots whenever and how much you want. Speaking of time, the vibrator has two batteries that allow you to use it for several hours in a row. A water play is possible due to the waterproof feature of the vibrator. Perfect seals prevent any contact of the water with the motor and batteries. The device is also washable, allowing you to clean it up before using, killing plenty of bacteria that can harm your health.

Jimmyjane Iconic Bullet Vibrator

The petite vibrator has a powerful motor that can generate 3 vibration speeds, ensuring that any of your sexual desires is fulfilled. You can start with lower speed that provides caressing and tender touches of your clitoris and nipples, and then switch to a higher intensity to get rewarded you with an increased pleasure. But if you want to venture out into something more savage, turn on the highest-speed mode to get powerful vibrations that will make your body shiver. When speaking of controls, they are easier than ever. In this tiny toy it couldn’t be otherwise. One single button lies between you and any of the 3 vibration modes. You don’t have to waste time guessing where the right button to get the vibration speed that your body craves for. Push once, and you get the device started, then switch to your favorite speed, and the fourth push will switch off the vibrator.


On the whole, JimmyJane Iconic Bullet is a tiny portable vibrator with a powerful built-in motor that provides a matchless stimulation experience at home and on the go. Its small size allows you to enjoy yourself discreetly, while its sleek and non-slip design delivers a smooth touch and an extraordinary pleasure. The device has 3 vibration speeds that gives you the chance to make it work just how your body wants. You switch from a caressing massage to thundering vibrations with just a push of a button.

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