Evoke Rol-o Massage Wheel

Evoke Rol-o Massage Wheel

Jimmyjane Evoke Rol-o Massage Wheel | Jimmyjane Adult Massager

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If you are looking for a vibrator to give you a fulfilling stimulation of your entire body, Evoke Rol-o Massage Wheel is just what you need. The device is nothing more than a wheel with a built-in vibrator that provides a godly relief of pain and muscle relaxation. The wheel has a bumpy surface to excite more nerves and bring about more pleasure. Rolling the wheel over your body is a breeze, given the convenient handle that ensures a confident grip and an effortless control of the device at maximum vibrations. 

Jimmyjane Rol O Massager


The device has a powerful engine that is able to provide both thundering vibrations and smoothly vibrating touches that aim to calm down your body and relieve tension. No matter assists it a romantic massage night with your partner or a hardcore ground-shaking solo stimulation session, the device will always adjust its power and give out right the amount of it needed. The motor sends its power to a flexible, soft and bumpy wheel that rolls over the parts of your body helping you getting rid of pain and tension in muscles and invigorating your body and bringing it in a nice relaxing state. The wheel is made of durable silicone that is hard to break in the moments of passionate stimulation accompanied by rumbling vibration and insane thrusts. It is equipped with bumps that help reach out to the deepest nerves and hit all pressure points for a complete removal of tension. 

The wheel is perfectly designed to fit any hard-to-reach part of your body. It is flexible and manoeuvrable and always hits with incredible precision your sweet spots. Speaking of the texture, it is smooth and pleasant at touch so that you feel maximum comfort while running the device over your back, hands, hips and intimate parts. Another advantage you can benefit fully from while using this vibrator is a firm grip brought about by a convenient bulbous handle that fits greatly in your fist. It allows grasp it with different grips, depending on how intense is the massage and generally what grip is more convenient for you. If you feel like rolling gently the wheel over your sensitive spots you can grasp it with the tips of your fingers, without risking to drop it under big weight since it is super lightweight. Given the fact that the device is light and thanks to the bumps, the maneuverability of the wheel is ensured at maximum degree. You can perform a multitude of movements and pirouettes across your intimate parts to generate a crazy pleasure which goes beyond your expectations and awaken all your nerves and fatigued muscles. 

Jimmyjane Vibrator

The device is incredibly compact, versatile and portable, allowing you to use it in any setting and at any time. Besides using it at home in a self-enjoyment session, or in a romantic play with your partner, you can also take it on the go and explore your body while travelling, partying or whenever your sexual desire gets too high to resist the temptation to use it. Another advantage of this vibrator is its easy controls. The transfer from tender massage to thundering vibrations is made via a single push of the button. No time wasted on figuring out which button to use, no anxiety and anger because you can’t put it working the way you want, which eventually destroys your sexual desire. Here everything is simpler, a single button to switch among 3 vibration modes. From caressing vibrations that are barely felt to middle-intensity vibrations and to thundering tremblings that make your body shake, it takes only 1 second to get to the operation mode that fits your sexual desire. The device uses lithium batteries and is also endowed with an USB port that allows you recharge it whenever you want. 


On the whole, Evoke Rol-o Massage Wheel is a highly versatile super manoeuvrable vibrator that you can use to relax your muscles, get rid of tension in hard-to reach parts of the body and stimulate your intimate spots getting a godly pleasure. The vibrator has a soft wheel with rounded bumps on it for a deeper stimulation, accompanied by a powerful motor that awakens the nerves and reduces stress. Also, you can choose among 3 vibration modes with a single push of the button.

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