Reach New Pleasure Heights With Jimmy Jane Love Pods

Reach New Pleasure Heights With Jimmy Jane Love Pods

When you get home from a busy day at work, or just want to enjoy some time to yourself or with your partner. Love Pods clitoral Jimmyjane vibrators are the perfect bedroom accessory to help you reach the heights of pleasure. With four different models available, you can be sure that you will find the perfect sey toy to suit your needs. Love pods clitoral vibrators were designed with Pleasure in Mind. Jimmy Jane Love Pods clitoral vibrators are powerful, easy to grip, rechargeable and travel-ready. Great for couples, solo play or on-the-go pleasure!

Jimmy Jane Love Pods Massager |  Couples Sex Toy

Each device is small and ergonomically made. Making it simple for his wandering hands to hit all of those extra sensitive areas with ease. Or for her to find that one special spot to push you over the edge. When you are done playing, the silicone design makes it easy to clean up your Love Pod. Before putting it away until you next opportunity to truly indulge in your sensual desire. 

When playing on your own you can expect the JimmyJane Love Pod to become your go-to sex toy.

Shower Pleasure with Love Pods

Lying in bed, or even in the shower, the quiet motor gives you privacy during your most intimate moments. But doesn’t sacrifice power or pleasure to do so. Close your eyes, shutting out the busy world around you. Allow yourself to get lost in the relaxation and pleasure Love Pods clitoral vibrators can help you experience.  Hot water of the shower easing away the day’s tension as your body is washed clean. Leaving you feeling rested and rejuvenated.

Make sure to take the time needed to treat your body with the care and attention it requires. Allowing yourself just a few extra minutes under the cascading water the Love Pods clitoral vibrators quickly excite every nerve in your most intimate areas. The soft, supple, silicone will gently massage you to completion. As your body and mind reset to a state of complete and total relaxation. 

Love Pods clitoral vibrators
Love Pod Range

Love Pods were designed with pleasure in mind.

As you move them gently across your body you will feel the rotating vibrations of the three powerful motors that have been tucked inside the soft, silicone rim.  Cyclonic vibrations are perfect for eliciting toe-curling ecstasy. As your partner uses the Love Pod to tempt, tease, and finally push you over the edge. Each motor working in tandem to gently vibrate and massage your most forbidden erogenous zones. Eliciting pleasure on a scale that you may have not known existed before being introduced to the revolutionary touch of your Love Pod. 

Great for men or women.

She can use the Love Pod to touch and tempt his sensitive tip. Holding you at the edge, testing and teasing until she is ready for you to finish. Pure stimulation floods your body begging for her to give you relief, but all while knowing that this is the best part.

Your partner kisses you deeply as Love Pod clitoral vibrators continue a tantalizing dance over your excited skin. Each vibration and change of pressure bring with it a new sensation. Urges you to make your Love Pod a regular part of your time together.  His strong arms hold you tightly to his chest as he reaches for your Love Pod.

The supple silicone design glides along your flesh, tickling and tantalizing as his fingers trace the contours of your body. He gently strokes your hair, kissing your neck as your Love Pod’s incredible sensations drive you to climax again and again. 

Halo Love Pod Clitoral Vibrators

Whether it is the touch of the vibrating silicone nubs of the Halo Love Pod, designed for intense clitoral stimulation. Halo Love Pod embraces your intimate areas. Allowing its pleasure-inducing nubs to dance across your exposed skin as the silicone lip encloses around you.

Om Love Pod

Or the acutely focused vibrations of the Om Love Pod, your time alone or together will never be the same again. Your Om Love Pod tantalizes your body. With its deep grooves and powerful vibrations, bringing you into a heightened state of pleasure. 

Tempt yourself with the Coral Love Pod.

Developed to embrace the clitoris on both sides. Flanking your intimate bud with two powerful motors on either side that roll sensations from one side to the other. The silicone design replicates the feeling of your lover’s fingers, stroking and caressing your body to ecstatic relief. 

Final model offered is the Tre Love Pod.

Where the Coral Love Pod embraces your clitoris from either side. Tre Love Pod takes it one step further with three motors positioned in a triangular formation to completely surround and tantalize all of your erogenous zones. The Tre Love Pod will leave you wanting more every time that its silicone skin touches your body. 

a perfect massage
Jimmjane Hello Touch

Easy Features to Use

The easy to grip spherical features allow for even the most adventurous playtime to continue unhindered. Straight forward controls limit the need to pull your attention away from your partner. Three buttons are all it takes to deliver up to ten different types of vibration intensity and patterns. With an easy-to-use charging cradle.

With a battery life of just over four hours on a single charge gives you ample time to relax and enjoy your personal time without worrying about needing to finish quickly. 

On The Go Pleasure

Regardless of which model suits your needs best, all four Love Pods have been designed to be especially suited for on-the-go pleasure. Their small size, and quiet motors make them perfect for more risqué play time on your own, or with a partner. No one needs to know when or where you use Love Pods clitoral vibrators making this toy a must-have for couples looking to experiment outside of the bedroom. 

Love Pods clitoral vibrators also come with a travel lock setting that ensures that your Love Pod will not activate on its own while it is stored safely in your luggage, avoiding any unwanted attention or awkward explanations. 

Take the time to treat yourself and your partner. No matter which Love Pod you decide to use, or if you choose to use more than one at a time, there is truly no equal when it comes to self-care.

Your Love Pod will ensure that your body and your mind are stimulated beyond your wildest desires, bringing about a long-lasting sense of peace and relaxation.

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