Is JimmyJane Element MS The Best Vibrating Masturbator?

Is JimmyJane Element MS The Best Vibrating Masturbator?

While there are many choices for sex toys for her, the choices for him have always been somewhat limited. JimmyJane Element MS is changing that. Designed specifically for a man’s pleasure, this innovative little device is quite simply a game changer. Finally, there is a sex toy that’s just for him, designed with a penis in mind, a JimmyJane masturbator. So, time to find out if JimmyJane Element MS is the best vibrating masturbator. 

Best Vibrating Masturbator

Element MS is quite small. It can easily fit into your palm. Has a base with thin wings that wrap upward to form an open ring. Element’s wings are adjustable, and the toy is eant to wrap around the penis. The base of the device is meant for the underside of the penis, with the wings wrapping around to hug the toy around your penis.

It is designed to perfectly fit any penis, and it is specifically for a man’s pleasure. You can decide if you want the JimmyJane Element MS loose around your penis, or tight for extra stimulation.  

best vibrating masturbator
JimmyJane Element MS

Powerful Vibrating Masturbator

This male masturbator contains a powerful vibrator that is adjustable to 5 different speeds, and 4 different vibration patterns so you can customize your experience and find new ways to enhance your playtime. Inside of the toy has raised ridges for increased pleasure, and the powerful vibrations are concentrated at the end.

Vibrations are focused to stimulate the frenulum

Most sensitive part of the penis. The frenulum is on the underside of the penis, directly below the head. This area has been compared to a female’s clitoris. Element MS is designed to perfectly simulate this area.  

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Realistic Masturbators & Strokers

Using the Element MS

To use this toy, you simply wrap the wings around your penis to squeeze, and add some lubricant.

It is advisable to begin with a very low setting. Unless you want this experience to be over fast. With the vibrations pulsing, you can stroke your penis in and out of the toy. If you find your frenulum too sensitive at first, you can flip the unit upside down and focus the vibrations to the base of your penis.

As you stroke yourself with the toy, you may find a desire to increase the vibrations or flip it to your frenulum as you are closer to an orgasm. When you decide it’s time, you can switch the JimmyJane Element MS to full intensity and stroke. Or simply hold the tip on your frenulum and let the vibration take you over the edge.

You may find that the intensity of your orgasm can vary widely depending on the position. So you can keep experimenting until you find the perfect mix.  

Jimmyjane masturbator
How to Use

Solo or Partner Play

While certainly wonderful for alone time, this sex toy can also be used in many ways with a partner. Your partner can use the Element MS in her hands and give you the most intense hand-job you’ve ever felt.

It can also be used for shared fun, as the man can lie on his back with the toy attached. A woman can straddle him and rest her vagina over the toy. She can experience the same vibration as him. And can slide up and down, simulating intercourse.

This can be an intense experience, and is great for couples as an alternative to penetrative sex. Vibrations are easily strong enough so she can share an orgasm with you.  

Waterproof, so it can be used in the tub.

It is USB rechargeable. And the high performance Lithium battery has enough power to last through a 90 minute session. Controls are very simple and intuitive, with a plus and minus button to control intensity. And another button to scroll through vibration patterns. It is barely 3 inches long, so it can easily travel with you. Also has a locking function, so you won’t have to explain the buzzing sound coming from your suitcase at security.  

To summarize, this toy is an incredible device for pleasuring a penis. It is designed to do just that. It can bring masturbation to new highs or can be used with a partner. So you can share the intense vibrations with someone else.

Only problem with this toy is you won’t want to pleasure yourself without it. And a regular old hand-job might not do it for you.

lube is good
Jimmyjane Lube

Lube It UP With JimmyJane

Jimmyjane’s moisturizer is perfect for the most intimate moments. In my opinion; it is the best lube on the market as it can help with any of your needs for men and women. Perfect for solo play or keeping things easy and exciting with a partner. And of course, water-based and organic lube is the best way to go.

PH balanced, meaning it works with the delicate balance of the female body, non-toxic. Longer lasting than other water based lubricants on the market. Unflavored and unscented, meaning no strange smell after use and no after taste for foreplay after use of the lube.

It is also made with Aloe Vera

Which is known for it’s properties in healing and softening the skin, and Carrageenan, natures most effective and safe lubricant.

When other companies say their products are “all natural” you can’t always believe them. But Jimmyjane’s moisturizer has no ingredients in it that are dangerous. Even to sensitive areas and are one hundred percent all natural. It comes packaged discreetly with a durable yet elegant bottle.

Simple to use as it comes with a pump.

The moisturizer itself is smooth and not sticky at all. So after play, it doesn’t leave a residue and dissolves very well. This lube is water based means it can wear off quickly. But the pump design makes it easily accessible to get as much as you need during play.

Also, the organic ingredients keep the moisturizer simple. Lowers the chance of being allergic to any of the ingredients, it’s easy to pronounce and recognize them. It is so discreet also means that no one is going to immediately know what it is if it is left out.  Can certainly be passed off as just another lotion or perfume.

This type of lube also works great with any material

Including condoms and any toys, or bedroom accessories, even silicon. A plastic straw that is attached to the pump also reaches the bottom so you can enjoy every last ounce of moisturizer. There’s no need to worry about purchasing this product and not being able to use every last drop.

This lube is perfect for pleasurable sex or exciting solo-play. It creates a non-irritating and natural glide. This is the perfect water based lube because it mimics natural lubrication. It definitely does what is intended which is enhancing comfort and supplementing what the body can do for itself.

A little goes a long way

Because it’s longer lasting meaning more fun times per bottle. With also having more applications per bottle than other water based formulas, it’s truly the best one you can buy. Essentially, this is a great lube to buy if you’re looking for long-lasting and easy and quick reapplying to keep things going smooth.

What doesn’t dissolve is very easy to clean off. You don’t need to use soap to remove it and there is no odor leftover from the lube. The viscosity of the lube is also perfect, not to thick and not too thin. Mimicking the bodies natural lube. It’s a very good sized bottle for the price and is perfect for all of your needs.

Recommended for women who are going through menopause.

There is no sticky or greasy feel at all. It doesn’t run everywhere and stays where it’s supposed to. It will have you thinking -woah- and never going back to another product. It’s simply the best out there.

Other products are hard to wash off, don’t last long, leave white, sticky residues, and can cause irritation or ruin toys, but not Jimmyjane’s.

Jimmyjane’s is very natural and comfortable. Almost like you’re not using a lube at all. It’s so high quality that a little goes a long way, just one drop and you’re good depending on your activities.

Most water based lubes tend to be very sticky, but not this one.

Not only is it all natural ingredients and water based but you get the best of both worlds because the viscosity is perfect. No mess, just bliss.  Bottle is also anti leaking, so it’s a perfect bottle for on-the-go fun. It is the smoothest, most realistic, sensationally pleasing lube out there.

Also notice that the product states “moisturizer”, every part of the body needs moisturization and this product does exactly that. The natural properties that it possesses are great for the sensitive areas of the body and aid in perfect softness and pleasure. When doing solo play, it doesn’t make the toys too slippery which can make things less pleasurable.

It has the perfect consistency

For providing enough slickness to make it pleasurable, but still has that good feeling that a little bit of friction creates. If things are too slippery, you can’t feel as much so this lube is perfect for the most feel-good experience possible. This lube even holds up in the shower, and tub. This makes it perfect for water play.

You can’t really find a better alternative. This product does it all. You will be very pleased when you give Jimmyjane’s moisturizer a try. It’s everything you could ever need in one natural, pleasurable lubricant. So basically to run through just how good this moisturizer is.

Once you try Jimmyjane’s moisturizer you will never want to use another product like it.

Simply is the best out there and provides every essential quality needed to have a good, exciting, and pleasurable experience. Bring fun and comfort back into your sex life with this amazing product.

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