Jimmyjane Form Series: Ultimate Luxurious Vibrators Guide

Jimmyjane Form Series: Ultimate Luxurious Vibrators Guide

Let’s explore the JimmyJane Form series. In our ultimate luxurious vibrators guide, we will go through what is a range of sex toys for every body!! From a rechargeable vibrator to a twin vibe and clit tickler. JimmyJane sextoys form series has you covered.

Luxurious Vibrators Guide

What is the JimmyJane Form 5? 

Form 5 Rechargeable Vibrator is a lightweight, long-lasting toy to use by yourself or with a partner. There are two spreadable wings to give you a tickling, tingling sensation, and a pleasure dome between them for deep stimulation. Unlike other vibrators that are only for women, this toy works wonders no matter what parts you have.

It looks much more simple than other toys of its kind, and it fits in the palm of your hand. The charging station is easy to use, and the vibration noise is quiet so as to not attract attention. It’s waterproof, meaning you can use in the bathtub, pool, or simply make a mess without worry.  

luxurious vibrators guide
Jimmyjane form 5

How Does it Work? 

This toy is incredibly easy to use, with intuitive controls that you’ll be able to use no matter how much ecstasy has clouded your mind. A push of a button lets you decide between 5 speeds and 4 pulsation patterns. To charge it, simply place it on the charging dock — you don’t have to plug anything into the toy itself. There are so many different ways to use this toy, either by yourself or with a partner.

Use the wings by themselves to tickle the labia or scrotum, and use the pleasure dome against the clitoris for deep sensations. You can even use it to add intrigue to oral sex, running the pleasure dome along his frenulum.  

My Review 

When it comes down to it, I love this toy and this luxurious vibrators guide will let you know why.

My partner lives a plane ride away, so I really appreciate the travel lock. You can hold buttons down to make sure the toy doesn’t activate in your luggage. I’ve had toys start vibrating in the overhead compartment before, and trust me — you don’t want to have to decide to either let it vibrate the rest of the trip, or make the walk of shame to your suitcase and risk others seeing the toy as you turn it off. The travel lock has really been a lifesaver for me.

I also love how long the charge lasts, and how easy it is to charge. Since you don’t have to plug the cord into the toy itself, it’s easier to charge than my phone. I’ve definitely made use of the waterproof feature, using it in pools, tubs, and even outside in the rain. Enough chitchat — let’s get down to the good stuff.

Vibration isn’t as strong as other toys I’ve tried.

Meaning that 1) it’s quieter and more discreet and 2) I can last longer, enjoying the toy more before I have to wait to recharge myself.

It feels incredible along the shaft, especially since I’m not used to vibrators being made for someone with my parts. I love watching my partner get into it, using the wings and pleasure dome for ultimate enjoyment. We’ve even used it during penetration, at the base of my scrotum, and we love that we can both feel it at the same time. The fact that it’s waterproof means we can get as messy as we want; lube and saliva are no match for this awesome toy.

Fly Away on Pleasure Wings

Wings are supple, and easy to move in any direction. I really like how soft the pleasure dome is; this toy is gentle and comfortable where other toys I’ve tried were simply far too intense and even sometimes painful. It’s small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, so you don’t have to worry about losing your grip and interrupting the fun. This toy covers all the bases, and my partner and I both love it. 

black vibe
Jimmyjane Luxury massager

What’s the Verdict? 

This sex toy is worth every dollar. Frankly, it lasts longer than I do.

There are several different settings, but not too many, so you can experiment with different kinds of pleasure without wasting time clicking through too many settings once you’re done and want to turn it off. The travel lock is perfect for people like me who like to experience pleasure on the go, but don’t want others to know. This toy is definitely worth the money and everyone should try it, whether you have a penis or vagina.

I’ve rarely seen toys that do so well when used by both parties, and that really puts the Form 5 Vibrator a step above the rest.

Not Your Garden Variety Rabbit – Jimmyjane Form 8 Vibrator

Form 8 rechargeable Rabbit is a triple threat. It ensures internal stimulation, G-spot vibration for the gentleman fan, and clitoral stimulation is covered as well.

The unit has a bendable neck to ensure it will reach the spot you need it to reach, and will still flex for comfort once it’s there.The Form 8 is fully waterproof and washable, helping to adhere to your personal standards of cleanliness.The unit is USB rechargeable for convenience, and has a full travel lock to prevent the TSA from ruining your vacation with Granny. Form 8 will run up to 4 hours on a single charge.There is a 1 year warranty included with purchase.5 separate speeds and 7 vibration modes will find your ideal setting, and maximize your orgasm.Full silicone construction for comfort and ease of care.

rabbit vibrators and massagers
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Very Flexible

I found that the Form 8 definitely lived up to the manufacturers claims of being as flexible as one could need. It left no area untouched, and it did the job. Repeatedly. However, the product strength is questionable, as the Rabbit felt as though it may bend to a breaking point during use. However, it did hold up and it certainly handled the task with no lag in power or speed.

flexible rabbit
Jimmyjane Form 8 Vibrator

After the initial use, however, I discovered that the design is intended to feel as though there is a certain amount of “give” in this vibrator. Instead of feeling fake, rigid, and unbendable, it is taking advantage of its’ silicone parentage, and moving like it were a real organ.

Simply speaking, this vibrator covers all the bases.

There is no g-spot it cannot familiarize itself with, and it makes light work of a male or female orgasm. Question of the strength of the unit seemed to be common, as most every other reviewer voiced the same concern. Overall, though, the unit was issued 4 of 5 stars, and recommended by the reviewer.


  • Fully washable, and submersible. Absolute cleanliness is key.
  • Can be enjoyed fully by both male and female.
  • No power or speed lag during use. The power and speed are continuous all the way through the battery charge.
  • Also, instead of a steady decline until dead battery.  A pro, no wind down of the power.


  • Strength and durability questioned.
  • Certain reviews questioned the practicality of the size, as far as being a discreet traveler. It is no larger than most standard sized rabbits, even with its’ triple functionality. Although the unit isn’t pocket sized, it will carry in luggage or a handbag with no problem. It will comfortably hide in a purse or clutch without being overtly obvious as to what you are carrying around.
rabbit in a hand
Form 8 Rabbit Vibrator
  • Also, due to the capability of fully locking the power out on the unit, you need not worry about being in a meeting or in a movie theatre. Suddenly amid the sound of your vibrator at full blast. You have to physically remove it from the powered down setting in order for it to be functional as a vibrator again.

Overall, the Jimmy Jane Form 8 lived up to the manufacturers claims.  and performed to the next level.

I rate this product a 4.5 of 5 stars

Recommend it highly if you are in the market for a Rabbit.

Jimmy Jane offers a full line of Rabbit vibrators. The Form 8 is the cadillac of quiver-inducing bunnies.

Top qualities of this Rabbit

  • Unit has a bendable neck to ensure it will reach the spot you need it to reach.
  • Will still flex for comfort once it’s there.
  • Form 8 is fully waterproof and washable, helping to adhere to your personal standards of cleanliness.
  • USB is rechargeable for convenience.
  • Full travel lock to prevent the TSA from ruining your vacation with Granny.
  • Form 8 will run up to 4 hours on a single charge.
  • There is a 1 year warranty included with the purchase.
  • 5 separate speeds.
  • 7 vibration modes will find your ideal setting, and maximize your orgasm.
  • Full silicone construction for comfort and ease of care.

Form 6 JimmyJane Powerful Vibrator | Twin Vibe Motors

JimmyJane Form 6 is the latest vibrator model from JimmyJane, featuring a series of improvements over the previous units. Design has been completely re-thought as to enable G Spot simulation and provide multiple uses for this subtle massager.

A waterproof ability has been added as to enable users to utilize this unit even under the shower and to ensure long-term functionality. The vibrator comes with 2 usable ends which bring utmost pleasure when they are used properly. However, this is not all. The JimmyJane Form 6 holds a lot more under its hood, with main highlights being as follows:

Completely Travel-Ready

The design has been thought in such manner as to ensure maximum portability while not sacrificing usage pleasure by any means. If desired, users can choose to get this unit delivered along with a drawstring case. Standard delivery will always be made in a discreet logo-free box as to enforce user privacy.

This vibrator can become a women’s best friend when used appropriately, as stated on the instructions, and it can also be taken wherever desired. It also comes with a convenient button-lock and a universal adapter.

travel ready with form 6
Form 6 Vibrator

Powerful Engine

A smart power sensor has been added into this model as to provide users with maximum control and multiple orgasms. The Form 6 is JimmyJane’s most powerful massager to date, featuring dual motors, 6 vibration modes and 5 power levels. These facilitate G Spot simulation for better and more powerful orgasms and also enable the user to choose desired stimulation level according to preference.

Smooth Body-Safe Design

JimmyJane Form 6 is a medical-grade unit, which provides users an extra seal of quality. The phthalate-free premium silicone body has been thought in such manner as to provide a realistic and durable sensation to the users, mimicking the most out of a sexual act. When combined with the variable vibration intensity this makes from one of the most pleasurable units crafted to date, enabling women to get the best value for their money.

Cordless Recharging

This unit comes with a smart recharging pad which doesn’t make use of any kind of cords. As a result, users can benefit from private charging by hiding the vibrator in a closet or drawer during the charging period. Furthermore, thanks to high performance Li-Io battery anyone can get over 5 hours of functionality from a single charge. This makes the Form 6 one of the best-valued vibrators in its range.

Waterproof Functionality

The JimmyJane Form 6 can be used under water for as long as desired, thus enabling users to please themselves even when taking a bath or shower. Furthermore, this feature makes cleaning the unit much easier. The smooth silicone body can be simply submersed in water for couple seconds and then it will be as new

waterproof pleasure with form 6
Form 6

Award-Winning Model

This unit has received an IDEA award as well as an ID Magazine Design Award for its high-quality uni body and top functionality. As a result, users should have no doubt that they are opting for a quality model.

3-Year Limited Warranty

This model comes with a 3-year warranty for body, charger and features, which means that users can have peace of mind regarding long-term usage. The Form 6 has been thought as to provide tons of pleasure on the long run.

JimmyJane Form 6 is one of the best vibrators in its price range, guaranteeing users top functionality and high-level orgasms when used appropriately. It is also suitable for anal use, hence getting an edge over past models. And considering the 3-year warranty, anybody can shop without worries.

JimmyJane Form 4 a Bestseller | In Demand Sex Toys

Massage and more of it. The massage offered by Jimmy Jane Form 4 is relaxing and intense! This will relieve the tension and mixed feelings felt during your stressful day. The JimmyJane Form 4 is one of the most powerful vibrators around.

The vibrator’s design offers an efficient balance for power as well as flexing. Besides being strong, it has a pretty aesthetic, and above all features a sleek design, which is both inventive and attractive.

Powerful Vibrations

Like a concerned partner, the Jimmy Jane vibrator guarantees you satisfaction because of its slow, medium to strong vibrations. The smaller part of the vibrator is about 1.5” in diameter and tapers in, expanding to 2” diameter on its biggest part, for the big “stick” lovers. Moreover, the vibrator is flexible, making it easier to position. Forget the weird vibrator interactions whereby you had to crookedly adjust your wrist to have your friend in place!

Coming from one of the most reliable sex toys manufacturers, JimmyJane Form 4 is body safe. Its velvety silicone finish is smooth and has little drag for friction, for the Rough Rider.

powerful vibrator
Jimmyjane Form 4 Vibrator

Using Lube for a Smoother Ride

Nevertheless, for those who prefer a smoother ride, using a lubricant is an efficient way to ensure that you only enjoy great experiences while using JimmyJane Form 4. Its nearly invisible controls, as well as its smooth-steel magnetic charging ports, make the toy almost perfect. Nevertheless, unless you are aware of the positions of the controls and what they do, one may encounter challenges understanding how the little placed “+” and “–“signs function. The positive control sign is for increasing intense vibrations while the – sign reduces the squiggles.

Unlike other vibrators, Jimmy Jane Form 4 is waterproof.

By waterproof, this does not imply being waterproof to a few, water splashes and water drops. Jimmy Jane Form 4 can be immersed in water, even during cleaning. One can use antibacterial liquid to ensure that it remains clean throughout hence remains safe for future use. For those who prefer a tinge of “dose” while, in the bathroom, this should be your ultimate sex toy tool. Moreover, it does not have any leaky adapter jack, hence more convenient to use while in the bathroom.

Another great advantage of the Jimmy Jane is the cordless charging base.

The charging port is made up of two metal throngs, with small seams around the stainless steel circles. Charging the toy fully guarantees you maximum experiences and vibrations while using the toy.

The toy is a great masterpiece for couples who love trying new fun stuff. This is because it can be used by both the male and female. During oral sex, females can massage the toy over their breasts and simultaneously give equal pleasure to their partners by massaging it on their scrotum and anus. Because it comes with a three-year warranty, you are guaranteed that the toy is of high quality.

For those carrying it away from town, the toy is conveniently portable, only that it does not have a special casing to carry. All the same, if you are looking for a convenient and fulfilling toy, JimmyJane Form 4 is the ultimate toy.

JimmyJane Form 3 Tickler | Clitoral Stimulation

JimmyyJane is back at it again, but this time with more ecstasy. The highly anticipated sex toy is right here in the market and this time with a mind boggling clit vibrator sex toys that will leave every woman moaning and asking for more. The JimmyJane form 3 is indeed nothing short of incredibly amazing, and truly an excellent sex toy that is shaped like a pop art tongue, with a slim and curved profile flexes together with intuitive controls that will surely offer the user some of the most self-pleasurable bonding moments.

Stand Out Design and Function

The JimmyJane Form 3 stands out both in its design and in its function, resembling a serving spoon. But of course being able to serve you very well while on one hand looking rather weird in design and shape,but otherwise in a good way.

The shape of the Form 3 is technically oblong with a width that tappers off from a wide base to a narrower tip giving it a tongue lake shape combined with a unique and a powerful external vibe.

Plus, it features a very strong, flexible and quiet vibrations that are amplified to jazz up some of the most sensitive body parts like the clitoris. This makes the Form 3′s powerful vibrations on the clitoral area amount to an out of this world orgasm.

clit tickler
form 3 Tickler Vibrator


JimmyJane form 3 vibrator

A 4 inch, unique and oblong like shape sex toy, which is made of medical grade phthalate-free platinum silicone which is completely a body safe material, strong, flexible and soft to touch. The bottom of this device is such that it is solid and packed with a rechargeable lithium polymer battery, while the top section is thin with a membrane like section of flexible silicone. Surrounded with a material that feels almost like a cartilage. When you hold the Form 3 in the palm of your hands, not only will you create an amplified touch but also have a feeling of fingers with super powers directed to the clitoris.

Talking of vibrating

Form 3 vibrations are powerful and not generally ear shattering thus delivering a great vibration intensity powered by two AA sized lithium batteries. It is easy to use and even rechargeable to ensure that you do not run out of power when you are craving for some wilder moments.

form 3
Jimmyjane form 3

In reviewing the JimmyJane Form 3 vibrator.

A lot of positive observations were made. To begin with this device is indeed full of many advantages like the fact that it is a waterproof sex toy, it does not look so conspicuous and promiscuous to attract much attention. Plus, it actually serves it’s purpose to offer a fantastic feeling. It is safe and easy to use.

In general the JimmyJane Form 3 has so many qualities that if you want to have a fulfilling and fun moments then you can readily acquire this sextoy online or through your nearest retail outlet. Rest assured as a 3 year warranty against breakage or any form of defects comes with this product.

JimmyJane Waterproof Form 2 | Sex In The Bath

Having been heralded by many critics as a sex toy of the century, this is no surprise for this item has revolutionized the sex toy industry. Inspired by the two rabbit ears, this new sex toy really comes with an extraordinary touch that just goes beyond the sales.

From the praises JimmyJane Form 2 has been getting from different quarters, it is obvious the designers and creators used some of the past trials and error to create something that works wonders. The following is a little about this incredible sex tool.

Compact Design For Ultimate Pleasure

More than just the package itself, the items exhumes quality and elegance. If you take a closer look at the design of JimmyJane Form 2, it looks as if the product was actually designed by a woman herself. It comes with one of the best and compact design. In fact, it has been well crafted and designed for nothing, but incredible sexual pleasure.

The designers brought a little bit of innovation focusing purely on how on to bring stimulation on the woman’s most sensitive part and they thought by bringing in two motor into this toy that will be easily achieved. The idea of having two tickling sides right on the clit and not necessarily hitting it straight was actually one brilliant idea.

Despite of its size, this product is like no other for with it, you will get endless moments of intense and mind blowing vibrations.

form 2
Jimmy Jane Form 2 Vibrator

Rechargeable and Waterproof

Combining these two features that have been seen in the industry before, the sex toy has, in many ways, changed the way things used to be done. It is waterproof and rechargeable; making it shower safe and washable. As if that is not enough, it seems the toy is all ready to travel all over the world for it comes fully equipped with safety devices.

This alone will save you from embarrassment for the device will not switch on its own. Nevertheless, it comes with and array of different plug head possibilities; you can charge your item anywhere you are in the world.

Great for Super Sensitive Women

With this sex toy, there is no weak level making it a must have for even those women who think they are super sensitive. After all, with just a press of a button, there is an amazing and incremental increase of power that will increase gradually up to a point that you will feel like taking it off.

Nevertheless, this sex toy is not only meant for the clit; you can actually run in down your labia and all the way for excellent and mind blowing massage. Additionally, without vibration, you can effectively use it for shallow insertion. However, be sure you are careful and you do not push it beyond reach. It can be slippery and you will find it very difficult to retrieve.

Overall, JimmyJane Form 2 is simply one of the best sex toys

If you have been combing through any resources looking for an all-round sex stimulator, this sex toy of course is what you should be going for next. The best part, even if you are a woman who needs some little stimulations right on the clit, this toy is still worth checking out.


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