Vibrating Sex Toys: Popular JimmyJane Intro Series

Vibrating Sex Toys: Popular JimmyJane Intro Series

JimmyJane Intro series vibrating sex toys will have you bouncing off the walls. There’s an intro vibrator for all your pleasure zones. Which one is your favourite?? We review the intro series of JimmyJane massagers for pleasure everywhere.

Vibrating Sex Toys

  • JimmyJane Intro 4 Vibrator.
  • Intro 2 Vibrator – Clitoral vibrator.
  • JimmyJane Intro 8 Rabbit Vibrator.
  • Intro 6 Vibrator – G-Spot Vibrator.

Jimmyjane Intro 4 Vibrator

If you want to bring your internal stimulation to whole new level, JimmyJane Intro 4 Vibrator is exactly what you need. This device is slim, sleek, and comfortable in use. Delivers a pleasant touch that is aided by rumbling vibrations provided by a powerful motor.

Incredible versatility of these vibrating sex toys allows you to choose the vibration speed that your body craves for. Play with this toy in any setting and in any time you wish. High-quality materials ensure a long-lasting durability that will make it possible for you to enjoy this vibrator many months and even years to come.

Intro 4 Vibrator
Jimmyjane Intro 4 Vibrator

Slim and Sleek Design

Intro 4 comes with an incredibly sleek and slim design, making it more comfortable in use. Helping the insertion, and improving the stimulation experience. This device has two bulbous tips connected by a slim neck that helps achieve a confident grip. The innovative bulbous shape of the tip cares for a more insightful and pleasant penetration. Expanding the stimulation area by reaching out to a larger number of sensitive spots.

Surface of vibrator is smooth and delicate

Create an enjoyable and sensual touch with the intimate parts of your body. Push your sexual desire to unimaginable heights. Entire structure though is durable from the inside. Preventing you from breaking the device under high pressures and thrusts you make in the heat of passion.

Durability allows you to perform different maneuvers while playing with Intro 4 for achieving greater pleasure, without risking getting it broken.

JimmyJane Vibrating Sex Toys

A slim neck that breaks apart the two bulbous tips allows you to take a confident grip and ensures convenient use. You can grasp the second bulb the way you want and the way you feel like getting more pleasure.

  • If you practice hardcore stimulation accompanied by aggressive thrusts. Fitting the bulb strongly inside your fist would be a better solution.
  • While if you opt for calm, sensual and caressing movements you can grasp gently the device with your fingers.

Both grips ensure that your hands will not slip off the device. Given its non-slip surface that prevents any slippage-related hazards. Eventually can switch your focus from stimulating your intimate parts and reduce your sexual desire.

Vibrating Sex Toys
intro series

This vibrator is compact and simple

Which means that it can be used even by a novice. It provides limitless enjoyment by allowing you to play with it both at home and on the go. Whether your body starts getting aroused in your room or in the car, the device is ready to quench your sexual desire anytime.

You can play with it alone or diversify your intimate life with your partner. An underwater adventure is also possible since the device is waterproof. Any leaks of water to the engine are prevented by perfect seals. So that you can submerge freely the vibrator and let it do its work.

You can also wash it before use to make sure that no bacteria is getting inside your body.

JimmyJane Intro 4 has incredibly easy controls.

Everything is done with a push of the button, You have one button to start the motor, to cycle through the vibration modes, and to stop the motor. These vibrating sex toys has the innovative feature of multiple vibration speeds.

  • If you want a relaxing and caressing massage. Turn on the low speed and enjoy yourself in a calm and discrete atmosphere.
  • If your body starts getting too hot, it’s time to switch to mid intesity.
  • While if you are up for a series of rumbling vibrations sending shivers through your body, feel confident to activate the top intensity mode.
  • Runs on batteries which provide a prolonged use. Alow you start stimulating your sensitive spots right away as the desire appears.

Final Thoughts

Want a modern and fashionable vibrator that will provide you a fulfilling stimulation of your hardest-to-reach sweet spots?  JimmyJane Intro 4 Vibrator is what you need. It has a sleek and bulbous design that makes the insertion easy going and helps hit more sensitive spots. Delivering a matchless pleasure.

It can be used by both novices and experienced ones. Vibrating sex toys are incredibly easy to use and providing a convenient grip. Switching among 3 vibration speeds is a matter of just one button.

pussy pumps and clit vibrators
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Intro 2 Clitoral Vibrating Sex Toys

Have you ever thought of trying something more than traditional vibrators? Something crazy that will bring you to a whole new level in stimulating your body.

For example, a double-head vibrator that provides a double pleasure. JimmyJane Intro 2 Vibrator comes with two elongated ears that aim to give you twice as much excitement as an ordinary vibrator. This vibrator is an innovative solution that helps you boost the stimulated area and touch as many sensitive spots as possible.

At the same time it is easy to handle, has a smooth texture. And is compact and portable allowing you to use it whenever your body is starting getting hot.

jimmyjane clit vibrator
Jimmyjane Intro 2 Vibrator


It plays the main role in delivering pleasure to your sensitive parts is the dual motor. The power of the motor is distributed equally to each of the ears to stimulate to similar degrees your sweet spots. The motor is powered by batteries.

Also, the power of the motor can be regulated. Which means that you decide when it runs more intensively and when it runs more slowly. Thus you are free to choose the amount of vibration you want to feel and make the device adjust its operation according to your sexual desires.

Vibrating Ears

Another important feature of the vibrator is the ears, of course, that transmit the vibrations created by the engine onto your sensitive spots. To perform this task with maximum efficiency, the ears have a voluptuous, sleek and rounded body that makes the insertion easy going. The shape is designed in such a way so that more spots are touched and reached to after insertion.

Additional comfort is provided by the smooth texture, incredibly pleasant at touch that increases the effect of vibrations, and prevents skin irritation. The device is made of health-friendly, highly durable materials that provide a structure that is sturdy enough to resist sudden thrusts made in the heat of passion. The convenient shape allows for a comfortable and confident grip, which is also a result of an anti-slip surface that helps you avoid slippage while performing the pushing movements.

An advantage of the vibrator is its versatility.

You can entertain yourself at home or take it on the go and start pleasing your sweet spots whenever you have a craving desire for it. It is compact and portable, you can fit it effortlessly in your handbag. But besides doing it solo, you can do it with your partner. The device is perfect for couples that want to diversify their sexual life. JimmiJane Intro 2 vibrator is washable, which allows you to clean it before using in order to prevent some infections. Since it is washable, it is waterproof too.

This allows you to play with it in the bath, without risking to lead to its malfunctioning. You can hold it in water as much as you want. Prolonged water exposure is not a threat for the vibrator that is greatly sealed in order not to allow liquids get in contact with the batteries and the motor.

clit massager
Jimmyjane Intro 2

Easy to control.

  • It has 3 vibration modes and 3 power levels that are activated with a push of a button.
  • You don’t need to guess what button to choose among a dozen of buttons.
  • Don’t have to waste time looking in the instruction manual for the right actions.
  • Here everything is simpler than you might think.
  • If you want more sensual and tender touches you better turn on the slow mode.
  • Up to something more intense, you switch to the mid-level.
  • Can’t wait to get some hardcore stimulations of your sensitive parts, go straight to the heavy vibration mode.

Step Up to a New Level

On the whole, if you want to step up to a new level in stimulating your body, JimmyJane Intro 2 Vibrator is your right choice.

It delivers double pleasure, given the two elongated ears that help you extend the stimulation area and feel twice as good as with a traditional vibrator. JimmyJane has a durable structure, a soft texture, and a smoothly rounded shape that makes the insertion easy going and pleasant. Controls are also easy. With just a push of the button you can switch among three vibration modes.

JimmyJane Intro 8 Vibrator Review

Over the years I have had the pleasure of owning various sex toys. Recently one of my partners decided to send me a very special treat in the post. 

To my surprise, it happened to be the JimmyJane Intro 8 Vibrator.  

Fortunately, my partner happened to know my tastes quite well and the stars had aligned that morning. As I didn’t actually have to start work until midday. So I had some time to give the intro 8 a nice little try. I popped it on charge for an hour and found that it very conveniently charged quickly. Unlike some of these other vibrators I have used where I would have to leave them plugged in for hours. 

Jimmyjane Rabbit Vibrator
Rabbit Vibrator

Taking Rabbit for a Spin

Next thing I did was take it for a spin… And I am not going to lie, but the first thing that shocked me was the quality of the silicone.  Just taking it out of the packaging at first holding it in my hand felt the closest to real life skin out of all the vibrators I’ve used it in the past. Then actually experiencing it for what it was made took me by even more of a surprise. 

I did get carried away using the intro 8

It did indeed make me late to work that day, which is something you might want to factor in. Here’s why.

  • It was the rabbit feature. I was able to receive more realistic pleasure with it than others I had used before with the dual feature of being able to stimulate both my g spot and clit at the same time. Not to mention the internal pleasure.
  • Now I am someone who enjoys having long relaxing candlelit baths. Something I noticed on the intrusions was that it was actually waterproof too. So the two meshed nicely together.
  • As it’s nice and light and easy to carry I have had it strapped around my waist belt. Brought it along with me to my monthly fetish parties. It has caught the eyes of others who have asked me where I purchased it.
  • I have even had some fun using it with one of my partners. One reason why I would recommend it is the noise level. It’s extremely quiet.  I have found in the past vibrators from other companies to be quite noisy. Which I has been quite off-putting during some action. Not just for me but for my partners too. This hasn’t been a mood kill, that’s for sure!
  • It has 3 modes I typically use the first 2 as the third one can get very overwhelming. I save that one for my partner to use on me when he gets carried away! 
Rabbit Shape Vibrator
jimmyjane rabbit

Other Features – Cleaning and Charging

Next part for me and my vibrators is cleaning them. I like to be very hygienic. There’s nothing worse than having to spend loads of time cleaning a vibrator that is tricky to clean.  Because of this one very simple design, I can give it a quick wipe down with an antibacterial wipe. With no worry of having to get in any nooks and crannies. 

Intro 8’s battery seems to be a good quality and its life hasn’t decreased over time. 

I would 100% recommend this vibrator to pretty much everyone.

It’s a very good and easy-to-use vibrator no matter what your experience level is. I think the value for money (once I had found out its cost) was amazing.

This vibrator isn’t something you are going to need to buy again as it is something that is going to last you long term. It does also have a 1 year warranty. Although I can’t see it even being needed as I used this one the most regularly out of all of my vibrators. I have never had any problems with it.  

Planning to buy it for a friend as a present, who is new to these things. I am very confident they are going to like it as I am a happy customer.

Jimmy Jane Sex Toys
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Jimmyjane Intro 6 G-Spot Vibrator

If you search for a vibrator, you might want it to be highly versatile and make you feel an insane pleasure, reaching out to all your sweet spots.

JimmyJane Intro 6 Vibrator is an impressive toy that has everything needed to give you the craziest orgasmic stimulations. Make your body crave for it again and again. This device is an upgraded version of previous traditional vibrators. Coming with a sleeker and more innovative design. More features that allow it to reach to the most sensitive spots triggering an endless pleasure. 

 G-Spot Vibrator
Jimmyjane G-Spot Vibrator

JimmyJane Intro 6 Stand Out

 Intro 6 Vibrator has a range of improvements that help it stand out from other vibrators. First things first, the shape of the vibrator is made to give you additional goosebumps and simulations while taking a grip on it.

It is sleek, voluptuous, smooth at touch and curved to allow further penetration. The vibrator has a rounded head that enables an effortless insertion, and contributes to the stimulation of your G-spot. The device is made of high-quality and harmless materials that create a resilient structure with some degree of elasticity to allow you pursue more pleasure and hit sensitive spots. The high level of versatility gives you more maneuverability and the chance to try something more in order to achieve prolonged orgasmic sensations.

At the same time, the body is sturdy enough to resist swift thrusts and high pressures, and avoid getting broken. In this way, these vibrating sex toys prove incredibly durable. Meaning that it will bring you happiness months and even years to come. 

Curved Shape for More Pleasure

Besides offering enhanced stimulation, the curved shape of the vibrator has a second function. It is designed in such a way to allow a firm and comfortable grip, which eventually helps you perform more confident inserting motions. The surface of the device is anti-slip, which prevents slippage and allows you grasp it confidently eliminating any hand gliding off the tool while performing the pushing movements.

An incredible innovation that comes in these vibrating sex toys have multiple vibration modes and multiple speeds that allow you adjust it to your desires, always getting what you are really up to at the moment. If you want something moderate and calm, you turn on the slow mode and enjoy the smooth stimulations that caress with tender touches your inner and outer sweet spots.

But if you are like feeling a slightly harder stimulation, you switch to the mid mode. Here the vibration speed will be higher, and you will receive a greater amount of pleasure, appealing to more sensitive spots.  

Jimmyjane Intro Vibrator
curved pleasure

And finally, if you crave hardcore orgasmic sensations

You have to turn on the maximum speed mode that will deliver irresistible extra stimulations of your inner and outer intimate spots. The curved and rounded body combined with top vibration speed mode provides a matchless and incredibly powerful stimulation of your G-spot, which is hard to achieve with other traditional vibrators. The controls are very simple, in fact, you switch between modes with a single push of the button, which is much more convenient and user-friendly.

A single button helps you avoid the hassle of searching for the right button, and guess which control comes first and which the second. The device runs on batteries.  

Key benefits 

  • Multi vibration and speed modes that allow for different degrees of stimulation.
  • Voluptuous and curved shape that helps you take a confident grip and achieve maximum stimulation of the most sensitive spots.
  • Rounded bulb head that makes the insertion easier and helps reach out to more sweet spots.
  • Smooth texture that provides a more pleasant touch and adds comfort.
  • Made of durable silicone that prevents it from getting easily broken.
  • User-friendly controls that allow access to all modes with a push of a button.


On the whole, JimmyJane Intro 6 vibrating sex toys is the right toy for women who look for unforgettable stimulations of their sweet spots. These vibrating sex toys have a smart shape that allows for easy insertion and a confident grip. The bulb head helps you touch and stimulate a higher number of intimate spots.

Also, the 3 modes allow you to choose the vibration speed you like. Going whenever you want from caressing massage to hardcore orgasmic stimulations. So, if you are looking for some adventure, go ahead and buy this unique device.

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